How corona locks down national economy?

By Parvez Jamil

As corona flare and scare assume alarming proportions in all sections and at all levels of human society, from man in the street to men at the helm of affairs are two horrendous, helpless and hapless concerns:

First, how to prevent, care for and rescue oneself, family and society from the deadly corona virus. Secondly, how to survive financially during lock-down from vendors, hawkers, domestic servants, daily wage earners to shopping malls, offices, markets and the corporate sector.

It is so viral on-line, through media and by debate making it a vicious circle of information explosion and disruption amid corona eruption and destruction. Such vital communication and interaction need to be according to the public mindset and concentration span. The watchword here, so very importantly, is indeed “the less said the better, the more meant is wiser”!

Sharing most humbly and respectfully with concerned leadership and statesmanship and with our experts and gurus of communication is how vital is simple, easy and to-the-point communication on the potentially annihilating pandemic of corona virus home and abroad.

With deadly corona virus and its dreads loom doggedly over national and global horizon, the fewer, simpler and clearer the tips on prevention and precaution, points of and accessibility to emergency contacts, tests, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, the better for the besieged and bewildered public, masses and humanity.

What remain of paramount significance at the same time as a result of corona virus lock down is selflessly and altruistically rising above self, sinking differences and joining hands urgently for far-sighted vision and statesmanlike mission to grapple with financial and economic crises from the common man to national economy.

Lock down is lock down. Just a few very well-to-do households, MashaAllah, are so quietly setting personal examples, paying “masis” their pay and telling them to stay home and safe with their families. Here hats off to some altruistic and enlightened begums, who care for their “masis” with paid leave and personally mop, clean and cook with daughters and daughters-in-law. An unbelievable reality, taking corona head on with safety for self and society.

“Seths may be seths” even if it is lock down. MashaAllah they are opulent with roaring businesses. With on-line management system they can very easily afford to ask and monitor employees to work from home for their safety and that of their families and society.

Coping with corona crisis when big, branded and blooming national, multinational and international organizations create provisions and make allocations enabling employees to work online from home, tantamount to routine business blended with safety and security for all.

If corona virus were to be blessing in disguise for stability of national economy, what is indispensable, beside provisions or allocations for the less-privileged, is masses being acclimatized with and accustomed to self-help or self-reliance when one hand does not feed many mouths, each member learns from concerned experts and through responsible media how to blend priorities to contribute to family budget in meeting financial crises with grace, dignity and honor.

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