Customs agents facing troubles in doing their job

KARACHI: The customs agents and importers are facing much troubles in doing their job as they have been barred from entering the Customs House.

Although the ports are operational, but clearance is stopped as Customs agents are not exempted from traveling restrictions.

One customs agent said that if the importers and agents can’t open their offices and travel, then there is no point in continuing the port operations.

Sindh government has allowed port services and customs to work but didn’t allow customs agents staff which would mean no one can go for clearance to customs and ports.

The agents are of the view that import cargo has to go to all parts of the country, and export cargo has to come to port from all over the country.

There will be extreme congestion at the ports, if Customs agents are not facilitated in doing their job.

It is important that Customs agents are allowed to travel on roads and permitted to enter Customs House.

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  1. Mohammad Naim shaikh says:

    D blocking must be postponed till the lackdown will be ended

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