FBR orders Members, Director Generals to cut the presence of staff by 40 percent

KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has advised its Members and Director Generals to cut the presence of employees by at least 40 percent initially for two weeks.

FBR issued the following Advisory to all the Members/DGs, FBR in line with the Ministry of Interior directions:

  1. FBR (HQ) is housing around 1100 employees who attend office on daily basis. It is, therefore, advised that each wing of FBR (HQ) make strategies focusing on cutting down the number of employees by at least 40 percent, initially for the next two weeks and onwards, if necessary effective from 24/03/2020, positively.
  2. Employees above 50 years of age may be allowed to work from their homes except those employees whose presence is unavoidable for smooth functioning of the official business. Members/DGs, FBR are advised to take decision in their respective Wings accordingly.
  3. Members/DGs are advised to allow female staff (Mothers of children) to work from their homes.
  4. Members, FBR are advised to allow all those employees to work from homes who are suffering from Flu, Fever or carrying medical history of frequent Chest Infections, Asthma, Cardiac related problems or any other major disease.
  5. It has been decided that All Lifts/Elevators, except the two Lifts on the front side, will be non-operational immediately and until further orders.
  6. In order to avoid physical contact with door handles/knobs, it is advised that all office doors be kept open and room windows be kept open also to ensure ventilation.
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