Custom House needs to be closed, as WeBOC system is capable of being operated from home

KARACHI: Several officers and officials of Pakistan Customs at Karachi Port and Port Qasim have developed symptoms like flue and fever. As many as six senior officers and one Appraising Officer were sent on leave following their illness.

An official said WeBOC system was a fully automated and computerized system, and the Customs staff could easily perform their duties from home. The official said Customs house should also be shut down as assessment of Goods Declaration (GDs) could be performed from home, while examination staff could be assigned in shifts.

In the wake of the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) and increasing number of patients all over the city, Additional Collector Aamir Theim, Deputy Collector Falik Sher, Deputy Collector Moeen Afzal Ali and other officers advised all the officers and officials to strictly follow the following response actions and ensure compliance:

  1. All officers/officials must wear mask in office; no one will be allowed to enter the premises without fact mask;
  2. All must avoid shaking hands and close contacts;
  3. All must carry personal hand sanitizers and use it frequently;
  4. No gathering of more than 3 persons at close space/office is allowed;
  5. Visitors will be filtered by the Collectorate and the Clearing Agent Association;
  6. Filtered visitors may visit during the visiting hours i.e. 11:00am to 01:00pm during these turbulent times;
  7. All the traders and clearing agents are advised to talk to the concerned Group/Section Head over telephone with reference to the redressal of their grievance. Their official numbers and Cell Numbers are displayed on the Notice Board. The necessary requests/applications may be submitted at the entrance of the Collectorate that will be forwarded to the concerned Group/Section Heads for quick disposal;
  8. Sitting idle and unnecessary in waiting areas is not allowed;
  9. All are advised to take measures for personal hygiene on priority;
  10. All officers/officials with cardiovascular conditions, asthma, diabetes or with abnormal symptoms of undiagnosed flu or fever must bring it to the knowledge of the Headquarters for alternate arrangements if needed.
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