Unease increases among lawyers of Sindh

KARACHI: An unease increases among lawyers of Sindh as figures of patient suffering from Novel Coronavirus increases swiftly. The lawyers are anticipating a closure of courts in Sindh and their representative bodies have taken the issue with the Chief Justice of High Court of Sindh (SHC). A meeting has been held and another was planned today (Tuesday) but was deferred again. The Sindh judiciary is probably waiting for a meeting of Judicial Committee to be held at Islamabad and chaired by Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Justice Gulzar Ahmed, sources within lawyer representative bodies maintained.

The High Courts of KPK and Islamabad along with subordinate court have been closed as a matter of precaution and other provinces are likely to follow the suit, they said hoping that top judicial body will take the final decision regarding courts across Pakistan. The lawyers are seeking early summer vacations instead of vacation in July and August every year.

Special measures have been made at SHC where each visitor is being scanned before entry while hand sanitizers have been placed for use of every one coming to SHC premises.

The court work is also stated to be slowed down considerably due to fear of Coronavirus, court sources maintained. It is likely that Court work will be suspended from next week till mid of April, they anticipates.

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