Team formed to arrest owner of M/s Nagina Supari

KARACHI: MCC Preventive has formed a team to arrest one Muhammad Hussain owner of M/s Nagina Supari after Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) of MCC Preventive Karachi recovered 160 tons of betel nut from its warehouse cum factory in Banaras area on Sunday.

Superintendent Jamal Zia and IPS Iftikhar Hasan, Malik Baloch, Preventive Officer Tauseef and large number of sepoys conducted a raid at the Nagina Motidana factory/warehouse in Banaras area. Around 160 tons of betel nut was found worth Rs150 million. Total value of the seizure is Rs161 million.

Movement of smuggled goods has almost stopped and traders have stocked certain goods to jack up the prices and profiteering. ASO Preventive has also shifted its focus on warehouses and godowns, and there will be a series of raids on such dumping placed.

It may be mentioned here that FBR, on the directives of Advisor Finance Hafeez Sheikh, has tightened controls on smuggling and revenue leakage.

MCC Preventive is now targeting warehouses that house smuggled goods such as cloth, auto parts, electronics, betel nut, mobile phones etc.



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