ASO Preventive Karachi seized Indian origin cutch worth Rs72 million

KARACHI: The Anti-smuggling Organization (ASO) of MCC Preventive Karachi has recovered 90 tons of Indian origin cutch (Kattah) worth Rs72 million from a Hafiz Warehouse in Shershah area.

Inforrnation was received through Collector Saquif Saeed to Additional Collector Haroon Malik to the effect that considerable quantity of smuggled / non-duty paid foreign origin cutch has been secreted at godown in Sher shah, Karachi, and would likely to be removed from that premises shortly.

Pursuant to said information a Customs team headed by the Deputy Collector Muhammad Asim Awan and comprising Superintendent Jamal Zia IPS Iftikhar Hasan reached the identified place.

Cursory search of the gunny bags lying inside these Goodown was carried out and found that there were a large quantity of Indian origin cutch. Since no one came to claim the goods, the same were seized.
Investigation is underway in this regard.

Collector Saquif Saeed has advised the staff to keep strict vigilance on the movement of smuggled goods.

The evasion of tax and duties on smuggled goods inevitably mean a loss of tax revenue for the government – which eventually reduces their ability to develop and progress as a state or country.

ASO Preventive led by Additional Collector Haroon Malik and Deputy Collector Muhammad Asim Awan has been quite efficient against smuggling and made several cases.
It is because of their efforts, movement of smuggled goods has been contained to a reasonable extent.

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