KARACHI: Taking notice in an application filed by one One Muhammad Anwar who brought in some electronic items within permissible limit but was allegedly tortured and locked-up by an Investigating Officer of Customs Preventive, a bench of High Court of Sindh ordered that petitioner/applicant shall not be harassed in any manner.

The bench earlier heard an application filed by Aqeel Advocate, counsel for petitioner maintaining that he was summoned by the IO and later was roughed up and locked-up for some during which friends and other acquaintance of petitioner were called, summoned. The counsel apprehended more harassment by IO Shehzad Ahmed.

Are these people humans, the bench observed addressing  Khalid Rajpar advocate, customs counsel present in some other case. What is happening, the bench asked saying that while lawyers sweat to defend the officials before the court, such acts bring shame to the department.

The bench later adjourned further proceedings till March 5 when officer accused of maltreatment was also summoned to appear.