KARACHI: The final passing out ceremony of Assistant Collectors of Customs from 46th STP was held in Directorate General of Training & Research (Customs) on February 24th, 2020.

Ms. Nausheen Javaid Amjad, Chairperson Federal Board of Revenue was the chief guest of the event.

Mr. Muhammad Javed Ghani, the Member Customs, Federal Board of Revenue along with large number of Pakistan Customs Service officers, representatives from law enforcement agencies and collaborative training partners both local and international attended the ceremony.

Mr. Faiz Ahmad, the Director General Customs Training, during the welcome address, congratulated the young officers and their parents upon successful completion of the training.

He, while highlighting the different aspects of training, appraised audience regarding the modern challenges of customs administration and the change in the role of Pakistan Customs and requisiteadjustments madein the concluding training.

For purpose good portion of the specialized training program was covered through interactive sessions conducted by partner organizations.

The Director General thus, appreciated the cooperation extended gratitude to Secretariat Training Institute, World Wide Life Fund, Strategic Export Control Division (SECDIV),United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime, US Bureau International Narcotics Law Enforcement (INL), US Department of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and US Customs Border Protection (CBP).

One of the passing out officer shared her experiences of the STP and presented snap shots of batch’s nine month long stay at Directorate General of Training & Research

The Member Customs Mr. Muhammad Javed Ghani appreciatedthe Director General and his teamfor covering very important function of customs training modules and train the officers on modern lines. He expressed satisfaction that Directorate General of Training & Research is a dynamic institution and is vigilant to growing and dynamic needs of trainings in overall capacity building of the department.

Mr. Javed Ghani congratulated officers on completion of their training and welcomed them to the department. He also advisedthe young officers through a metaphor calling it balance of pyramids where on the one hand FORCE pyramid represents Facilitation, Optimum Revenue Collectionand Enforcement.

The other pyramid is manifestation of Authority, Responsibility and Accountability. The second Pyramid is AReA pyramid. As a professional Tax Collector the customs officer has to maintain harmony and balance of the pyramids individually and collectively.

In her concluding remarks the Chief guest Ms. Nausheen Javaid Amjad, Chairperson Federal Board of Revenue appreciated the DGTR successfully conducting the STP. She also acknowledged Customs Training’s efforts in overall conduct of specialized training program on modern line and incorporating in the modules the subjects of Anti Money Laundering, Countering Financing for Terrorism, Human health & security, Cross Border movement of Strategic goods and illegal trade in endangered species.

The Chairperson showed confidence that the officers being well rounded through this training and have rightly sensitized in FBR’s core values shall serve the department with utmost dedication and contribute towards productivity as well as image building of FBR.

She wished success to the officers for their careers ahead. The Chairperson also administered performance pledge to the graduating officers.

At end of ceremony completion and performance certificates were also distributed among the graduating officers and to acknowledge various individuals from department and outside for their contribution, shields of honour were also awarded.

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