FTO rejects complaint against DIT for want of jurisdiction Steel Vision complaint before fto

KARACHI: The Federal Tax Ombudsman has rejected a complaint filed by Steel Vision, a company importing steel products for want of jurisdiction.

The complaint made the Secretary FBR and Directorate General of Intelligence & Investigations respondents in the complaint alleging that Directorate of I&I alleging that Dost Muhammad, Superintendent Special Investigation Unit (SIU) allegally detained goods imported for the Karachi Export Processing Zone and initiated arbitrary actions against the complainant. Filing the complaint under Section 10 (a) of the  FTO Ordinance 2000, the complainant sought suspension of Dost Muhammad for alleged abuse of powers and coercive actions which lead to huge financial loss to the complainant/importer due to delay in release of the consignments.

The DIT and particularly accused officer in their written replies maintained that consignments in dispute were imported for the “Tariff area” by M/s Zubair Steel under a LC and complainant filed two GD’s for the import and transportation of goods to KEPZ based on tampered and fabricated import documents with manipulation of particulars of the consignee. The importer was also accused of money laundering and causing loss to the national revenues. The respondent customs also challenged the maintainability of the complainant and jurisdiction as complaint was filed after filing of a constitution petition before High Court of Sindh.

The FTO after detailed hearing deciding the complaint held that it is not only hit by the bar of the jurisdiction under Section 9(2)(a)&(b)of the FTO Ordinance but also lacks any mal-administration on the part of the custom department, accordingly the complaint stands rejected.

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