On 11 February, Pakistan Customs intercepted a barge named “Wania II”, near Charna Island. The barge’s crew were asked to share documents related to its cargo. The barge was meant to be transporting 280,000 liters of High Speed Diesel on behalf of Byco Petroleum from KPT to Byco’s tugboat which is stationed near Charna Island. Pakistan Customs staff found that the barge was carrying only 230,000 liters of HSD in contravention to the documents shared. Therefore, the barge was impounded by Pakistan Customs and its entire crew which was employed by a transportation company named Khurram Oil was arrested.

An incorrect version of this story has appeared in two Urdu dailies and an online news website. Contrary to what has been published in those reports, no vessel owned, operated or chartered by Byco has been impounded nor intercepted, and no Byco employee has been arrested in the raid by Pakistan Customs. There was no question of any smuggling occurring as the HSD found in the barge’s cargo was legally produced at Byco’s refinery.

Byco hereby thanks Pakistan Customs for their service and support. Byco has nothing to do with the impounding and reserves its legal options in connection with this incident. Byco rejects the story outright as an unfortunate attempt to bring the company into disrepute.