Custom House Karachi to resume operation from Tuesday morning

KARACHI: The teams of Pakistan Navy and Environment Agency have cleared Custom House Karachi of any contamination. Custom House would resume all operations from Tuesday morning.

The authorities including the Navy have not been able to identify the gas, which killed four persons and affected dozens. The source of the gas leak was also not found despite lapse of over 24 hours. Now, the concerned quarters are evaluating the possibility of a chemical attack, or some experiment going wrong.

Senior Customs officers including Nadeem Memon, Saqif Saeed, Afzal Watto, Asim Awan and others stayed at the Customs House till evening and assisted the teams of Navy and Environment Agency.

At least Six people died and dozens were hospitalised on Sunday due to a gas leakage in the city’s Keamari area.

Those hospitalised had complained of respiratory problems, police officials and doctors said, noting that the real cause of the incident could not be ascertained.

Earlier on Monday, due to the ongoing toxic gas issues, four employees of the Customs House fainted.

Following the incident, the employees were sent home and the building was shut down suspending all Customs and port activities.

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