KARACHI: MCC Preventive Karachi held a press conference on Saturday, and Collector Preventive Saquif Saeed briefed the media about the anti-smuggling campaign.

Saquif Saeed informed that MCC Preventive was pursuing a rigorous anti-smuggling campaign and surpassed the assigned target seizing goods worth Rs1.268 billion during the quarter ended December 30, 2019.

Raids were conducted at SITE area, Jamia Cloth market, City Railway station, Regal Chowk and Jodia Bazar.

The seized goods include 15,704 boxes of cigarettes, 302 KG of narcotics, 96 bottles of liquor, 32 vehicles, 105,000 liters of diesel, 243 tons betel nut, 11 tons of Gutka, 98 tons of fabric and 131 vehicles used in transporting smuggled goods. Value of these goods is Rs1.268 billion against the target of Rs1.173 billion.

Saquif Saeed said anti-smuggling campaign was focused on everything including contraband goods, high value goods, pilferage of transit cargo even the responsibility of protecting against Corona virus was with MCC Preventive.

“We have improved the investigation and prosecution to a great extent and now the culprits were confessing before the courts, which never happened in past. A special investigation cell has also been setup at MCC Preventive”.

He talked about resource constraints and informed that there were around two dozen personnel to look after a border spread over 1,000 KM i.e. one person for 100 KM.

“We have forwarded our proposals for new recruitments so that staff shortage could be addressed.”

Additional Collector Haroon Malik said informed that the smuggling mafia had evolved overtime, and now they are bringing their own goods and supplying the same to markets on credit. Earlier, these smugglers only used to transport the goods to the traders, whom actually were the owners of these goods.

These smugglers have setup their own outlets and warehouses in different cities including Karachi, which is the business hub of the country.

Collector Preventive informed the media that the mafia had settled their workers and associates in the close proximity of markets and warehouses, and these people create a law and order situation in an organized manner to resist raids and anti-smuggling operations. During recent raids, these elements even attacked Customs staff and damaged government property.

He informed that these smugglers were rich and influential and had developed contacts with powerful quarters. He informed that MCC Preventive was targeting the masterminds and financiers so that to cut the head of the snake.

Saquif Saeed said that it was also the responsibility of every citizen to cooperate with the law enforcement and anti-smuggling agencies and point out the markets and elements involved in this dirty business.

ASO team comprising Deputy Collector Muhammad Asim Awan, Superintendent Jamal Zia and IPS Iftiklhar Hasan and others were also present on the occasion.


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