Customs Preventive unearths smuggling of high value/restricted goods in the garb of unaccompanied baggage

KARACHI: The Court has sent Syed Muhammad Faizan and Muhammad Siddique to jail custody; these were arrested in the smuggling of mobile phones and electronic goods in the garb of unaccompanied passenger baggage.

According to the details of the case, information was passed to Additional Collector Umar Shafique from Collector Saquif Saeed to the effect that some unscrupulous elements of trade are bringing commercial quantities of restricted and high end tariff goods from Gulf Ports under the garb of unaccompanied passenger baggage.

Umar Shafique mounted incognito surveillance on all of the unaccompanied passenger baggage containers arriving at both East Wharf and West Wharf. During this course the informant provided the very specific information about the containers. It was found that containers were booked by the passenger namely Shahzad Pervez and Habib Jan arrived by vessel MC CSL Sophie.

Subsequent to arrival of baggage, the consignor filed Baggage Declaration through agent M/s Pattanwala Traders. The containers were yet to be marked for examination that information was received that the containers were already grounded and seals were cut off. It was also known that one of the containers was destuffed at MTO Yard.

The Customs Preventive staff reached the sport and found clearing agents Syed Muhammad Faizan and Muhammad Siddique present on the spot. The initial inquiry found that the containers belonged to Fahad Mirza s/o Nadir Pervez, the main accused. It was known that the passenger had nothing to do with the baggage and his passport was procured from market to perpetuate the crime.

Meanwhile, hearing a constitution petition filed by Fahad Mirza against alleged harassment by officials of Model Customs Collectorate (Preventive) a custom appellate bench restrained the respondents from harassing the petitioner in his business activities.

Sources said that smuggling of high value and restricted goods in the garb of unaccompanied baggage was going on for some time under the patronage of Customs officers. Further investigations are underway.

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