LAHORE: The Anti-Corruption Circle Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has summoned several senior officers of Pakistan Customs as an inquiry is underway into the corruption of officers and officials of Customs Intelligence and Investigation.

In separate letters to several officers, FIA noted that an enquiry is under probe at the agency regarding corruption, embezzlement and misappropriation of millions of rupees.

The summons have been dispatched to Collector Adjudication Faisalabad Dr. Akhtar Hussain; Chief Customs HQ FBR Jamil Nasir Khan; Additional Director Post Clearance Audit Lahore Sumera Omar; and Member Technical Customs Appellate Tribunal Lahore Saud Imran Ahmad.

The officers have been advised to report at FIA Lahore along with enquiry report against Shaukat Ali, former Director General of Customs Intelligence and Investigation.

Shaukat Ali is accused of corruption, patronizing of smuggling and harassment of Customs officials.

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