NLC directed to improve facilities at the terminals, provide security to Customs staff

KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has issued directives to the National Logistics Cell (NLC) (Terminal Operator) at the border stations to improve facilities at the terminal for examination, parking, storage, entry/exit of the import/export and transit cargo, fencing of the yards, provision of the utilities and security of the Customs staff.

While a fact finding inquiry is under process, the allegations, leveled by the Directorate General of Intelligence & Investigation, a number of initiatives have been taken by the management to address the loopholes in the working of the customs stations.

FBR also issued four Change Request Forms (CRFs) to Directorate of Reforms & Automation, Karachi for making necessary amendments in the WeBOC Module for proper monitoring of gates at Customs Station Torkham.

Moreover, a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) drafted for safety, supervision and monitoring of import, export and transit cargos entering and leaving Customs Station Torkham is shared with stakeholders.

Sepoys/ staff posted at Gate-out stage of import have been suspended for the two reported cases of DG I&I (Customs) and transfer/posting of well reputed (Class-IV and Executive) staff has been notified.

It is also decided that Chief Collector would conduct surprise/random visits to various field formations, while Collectors would conduct regular fortnightly visit/inspection of customs stations/formations and submit inspection reports to the Chief Collector.

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