KARACHI: Directorate of Transit Trade has advised the concerned staff to adopt the procedure envisaged in SRO 413/2012 and CGO 4/2007 in order to streamline the sealing and tracking device mounting procedure for the reverse cargo arriving from Afghanistan (Afghan exports in transit) at Customs Station Torkham.

According to the procedure, the licensee/tracking company shall establish a designated area at the point of entry, which would be in proximity of Transit Sealing staff office and shall be responsible for active and close liaison with it.

The clearing agent/bonded carrier concerned will load the transit container/open cargo on the listed Transport Unit for examination and scanning. After scanning and examination, Transit staff shall ensure that doors of the container have been safely closed or in case of open truck, tarpaulin and wire/rope have been properly wrapped and fastened.

The tracking company shall make arrangements in the designated area for mounting and un-mounting of tracking and monitoring device. Once the GD-AT (Reverse) is out of charged by the relevant staff of Directorate of Transit, the bonded carrier shall take the registered vehicle to the tracker installation area, and shall hand over copy of Form-A containing information about driver’s name, his cell number, and container and vehicle numbers or truck number in case of open trucks.

The tracker company shall accordingly install the tracking device on the container, or intrusion belt in case of open truck in the presence of the Transit Staff.

The tracking device shall he synchronized with the fixed tracking device already installed on the prime mover and once both the tracking devices are synchronized, the staff of the tracking company shall activate the data on the relevant computer software to be accessed by Scanning staff, Transit Scaling Staff and Exit Gate staff of the terminal operator as well as customs focal points of entry and exit, and CCR/Regional Control Room. The whole procedure shall he completed within fifteen minutes.

The system of the tracking company shall generate a certificate to this affect, which shall contain details of GD, container and vehicle number, and the tracker unit ID number. The certificate shall be signed by TPL and transit staff who supervised device mounting.

If any device is found malfunctioning, it shall be forthwith replaced with functioning device. The Tracking Company shall share the data through email on Excel Sheet format and reconcile it before the close of office hours on daily basis against which seals and tracking devices have been affixed/mounted, and report discrepancy, if any, immediately to the Officer Incharge of Customs Station Torkham.

The tracking company shall establish designated areas at the point of exit, which would be in proximity of PCCSS office of Focal Point Exit, or MCC Preventive in case of Wagha, and shall be responsible for active and close liaison with it.

The tracking company upon being approached by the carrier or transport operator, shall un-mount the tracking device from the container or open truck cargo in the presence of Transit/Preventive staff, and uploads the data in the system and de-activates or terminate the tracking device journey. The whole procedure shall be completed within 15 minutes.

The certificate generated at the time of mounting of tracking device shall be endoresed by the staff at the point of exit and data shall be shared through email with the point of entry on excel sheet format for reconciliation on daily basis.

If any discrepancy is found, the same shall be reported to the Focal Point of Exit/MCC Preventive as well as the en-route MEUs of Collectorates of Customs concerned for taking appropriate action as prescribed under the Act or the rules made there under.

After installation of the tracking device by the tracking company in presence of the Transit Staff, the latter shall affix the PCCSS Seal on the container, in case of open truck, the cargo shall first be secured and covered through proper tarpaulin and wire/rope all over the tarpaulin for cargo security and integrity.

The procedure before affixing the PCCSS Seal shall be as under:

The Scaling Staff shall enter the GD number in the system for verifying the container number and enter the transport Unit No.

The Sealing Staff shall take the designated seal and check-it for any defect. The bar code on the seal will he scanned by using the bar code reader and in case bar code is accepted. Transport Note (single copy) in Form-A will be printed. In ease the bar code is not validated, a new seal number will be issued through the system.

The Sealing Staff will place the seal on the slot of the door in case of container or in case of open truck, at an appropriate site where two ends of wire or rope have been knotted in such manner that rope or wire cannot be unfastened without compromising the seal. Thereafter, the Transport Note (Form-A) will be handed over to the driver/supervisor to be carried with the Transport Unit.

The process of de-sealing at Karachi and Wagha shall be performed at the respective destinations/exit as per provisions of CGO 04/2007.

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