R&D East recovers Rs18.84 million from WAPDA

KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has recovered Rs18.84 million from Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA), which were short paid through undue claim of exemptions.

M/s. Wapda filed a GD said to contain Heat Exchangers, imported from France at the declared value of Euro 0.2 million.

The consignment got cleared through green chanel and was sent for Gate Out by system.

On the directives of Collector Nadeem Memon and Additional Collector Rizwan Bashir, Deputy Collector Rana Arsalan and Principal Appraiser Ibrahim Khan conducted a scrutiny of the consignment regarding admissibility of the claimed exemptions.
This led to detection that claimed exemptions under 5th, 6th schedules for Customs Duty, Sales Tax respectively and exemption for Additional Customs were inadmissible.
Resultantly an amount of Rs18.844 million have been deposited by the importer after R&D East proved its case.

Collector Nadeem Memon has advised the staff to keep a strict vigilance on consignments being cleared through the green channel particularly those consignments imported by multi-national and pharmaceutical companies.

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