Astron commissions China based processing plant

SYDNEY: Astron Corporation Limited has now completed commissioning of its titanium dioxide (Ti02) processing plant in China.

Further to Astron’s announcement of 12 May 2019, the commissioning of its processing plant and warehouse to process up to 150,000 tons per annum has been successfully completed and exceeding expected milestones in both feed rates and final product grades.

The separation plant is currently operating at about 65% capacity where15,000 tonnes per month of raw feed can be processed to produce between 3,000 tonnes to 5,000 tonnes of final products.

The plant is producing a number of different grades of TiO2 for use as TiO2 chlorination feedstock. The current commissioning milestones included a new deagglomeration, thickening and sizing processes to improve fines management and overall mineral recoveries and grade.

Astron will provide further updates as to the achieved throughput of the plant, and additional marketing achievements of the additional final product streams.

As previously noted, this is a significant step in rebuilding Astron as a major advanced material product company, and this plant is ultimately planned to be a significant stage in processing Donald project TiO2 feedstock from Victoria, Australia.

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