KARACHI: Muhammad Asim Awan has assumed the charge of Deputy Collector ASO Preventive Karachi, as Deputy Collector Akbar Jan is relieved from the charge of ASO and moved to MCC Preventive Quetta.

Asim Awan would also look after HRD, CHO, DEC (HQ), Port Control Unit, Administration and Transport Services.

Leading ASO Preventive, Akbar Jan sped up its activities and during reinforced anti-smuggling drive made several cases and detected major scams. ASO raided warehouses in Jodia Bazar and Shopping Center in Tariq Road and recovered huge quantity of smuggled goods.

Subsequently, a notification dated November 04, 2019 had notified transfer of Akbar Jan from the office of Deputy Collector ASO Preventive Karachi to MCC Preventive Quetta. However, his transfer was stayed as Akbar Jan was pursuing an efficient anti-smuggling campaign.

Moreover, Deputy Collector Dr. Amna Naseem is assigned UAB (Port Qasim) and its off-dock terminals, Monitoring of Gates at Port Qasim, Ships Boarding and Port Clearance.

Deputy Collector Umair Zahid is assigned Oil Section including monitoring of POL products under Afghan Transit Trade and Diplomatic Bonds.

Assistant Collector Nayab Azhar is assigned Establishment & Confidential, RSU, UAB (east Wharf), SAPT, Pak Shaheen and Railway, Dryports, Law and FTO, Accounts and Recovery, Audit and miscellaneous administrative assignments.

Assistant Collector Aadarsh Jawahery is assigned UAB (West, East), Monitoring and Tracking, Mechanized Enforcement Unit, WeBOC related work and Auction, SWH and Fair Price Shop.

Assistant Collector Arsalan is assigned I&P Branch, sealing/desealing, ship boarding, port clearance at Karachi port, licensing, duty free shops and project section.

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