SHC to hear arguments from Shipbreakers side on Feb 19 Petition by Association of Steel Melters, Re-Rollers

KARACHI: A constitution petition filed on behalf of steel scrap melters, re-rollers was heard here on Wednesday. Naveen Merchant Salim advocate representing petitioners continued her arguments. Opening the arguments today she said that country from where scrap is bought do not care for cutting the scrap in to sizes.

The petitioner pay fine also which additionally burden the petitioners who in turn loses marketability, she said adding that petitioner has no concern with concessions given to the shipbreakers but it wants relief from the Government, action of which have created a chaos. Either the similar conditions be extended to petitioner or the industry be closed down, argued Naveen Merchant advocate.

The Standing Counsel appearing for the federal government that ship-breaking yard at Gadani is largest in the world and therefore federal government has allowed a number of concessions. He maintained that petition is not maintainable and vires of the laws were not challenged by the petitioner. If law is challenged, alternate plea cannot be taken. The issues raised in the petition pertain to economic policy of federal government.

Khalid Javed Khan advocate, counsel for ship breakers  told the bench that he will advance arguments on next date of hearing.

The bench later adjourned further proceedings till Feb 19 to hear the respondents side.

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