Pakistan observes International Customs Day on Jan 26, 2020 together with the global community to mark participation of customs administration towards a sustainable future by building safe and secure societies, reducing trade barriers and contributing to the fight against climate change, with the slogan “Customs fostering sustainability for People, Prosperity and the Planet.”

This year’s key note is dedicated to Customs’ strategic mission of achieving sustainability needed for smooth flow of trade and goods aiming to create healthy and prosperous environment by unifying all actors along the entire supply chain. The presence of customs at the borders and its mandate to supervise entry and exist of goods in an economy gives strategic role to it that in turn significantly contributes towards building prosperous societies across the globe.

Customs world over deliver an effective border-related enforcement strategy, intercepts illegal cross-border movements of hazardous waste and Ozone Depleting Substances to fight against climate change which stimulate trade in substantial amount. These roles truly justify customs’ contribution in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals outlined in the UN Agenda 2030 for sustainable development.

The priority with the Federal Government is to make Pakistan prosperous by unifying with the United Nation to achieve the goals and objectives earmarked by the world community under its banner. At the policy making levels, there is complete unanimity that by protecting the supply chains the society prospers as it promotes industry, encourage trade and enhance revenue.

It is evident from endorsement of World Customs Organization’s new three year’s vision of “Bringing Customs together for a safer and more prosperous world” thereby contributing to global   of meeting environmental, social, economic and health challenges.

The credentials of Pakistan as a responsible member of the world community are testified by the facts that it is signatory to all important international agreements which signify sustainability for people, prosperity and the planet. It has always strived to contribute towards implementation of Multilateral Environment Agreements (MEAs) like Montreal Protocol and Stockholm Convention.

The unwavering commitment of the government to protect legal trade and ensure smooth flow of trade without hindrance may be gauged from the fact that it is keen to employ non-intrusive inspection technology; launch of the Customs National Targeting Centre (NTC), and installation of the Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) which will enable better decisions based on advance information.

All these measures are intended to enhance enforcement while at the same time expediting clearances and thwarting threats posed to the prosperity of the country.

I, therefore, applaud Pakistan Customs for its exalted role and strong commitment with the international charter and community of the world to ensure the prosperity by reducing trade barriers required for building safe society and guaranteeing its sustainability for future generations. I firmly believe that these steps shall positively contribute to our vision of making Pakistan a prosperous, green and trade friendly nation.

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