KARACHI: An appeal filed by Pakistan Customs, Directorate of Afghan Transit Trade, Karachi against an order of Custom’s Appellate bench of High Court of Sindh in a case of sugar of Indian origin destined for Afghanistan, will be heard by a bench of Supreme Court of Pakistan on Jan 16.

The appellant challenged the order of SHC bench which asked the customs to release the 65 consignments and ensure safe transportation to border of Afghanistan.

The customs Directorate of ATT detained the consignment on basis of its pale yellow color and un-pleasent odor and maintained that it is unfit for human consumption. The SHC customs appellate bench after lengthy proceedings and detailed hearing  decided the case against which the appeal has been filed and now will be heard on Jan 16. Mean while the SHC bench will be hearing a contempt of court application filed by the Afghan importer on Jan 15 as consignments were not released and instant appeal was filed before the apex court. The apex court will rule on important question that whether customs can detain a consignment under trans-shipment from one country to another through a trade treaty like Afghanistan-Pakistan Transit Trade Agreement.