Feedback announces commercial partnership Imaging Engineering

LONDON: Feedback plc, the specialist medical imaging technology company, has announced a commercial partnership with Imaging Engineering LLC, a US-based specialist technology provider, to support the installation and refitting of modernised fluoroscopy equipment across the US.

Tom Oakley, CEO of Feedback plc, said: “This partnership will allow US healthcare providers to modernise their fluoroscopic equipment to meet the needs of the next decade, with considerable savings for the provider and a reduction in equipment disposal. For Feedback, the licence fee provides us with a new stream of revenue reflecting our strategic focus on the Cadran product portfolio which includes our flagship product, Bleepa, and its commercial roll-out in 2020. We look forward to continuing to work with Imaging Engineering as it rolls out the Insight Essentials system throughout the United States.”

Imaging Engineering is the manufacturer of an X-ray fluoroscopy product, “Insight Essentials” which enables the capture of fluoroscopy and X-ray images using low-cost hardware. Fluoroscopy is a form of dynamic X-ray capture which enables real time, moving patient imaging and is commonly used for a number of imaging investigations within gastroenterology, orthopaedics and interventional radiology.

Utilising the Cadran platform, Feedback will provide the core software to manage the entire system for the “Insight Essentials” product, from image capture through data management to DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) networking. Feedback’s software will enable a wide-ranging Imaging Engineering initiative to update fluoroscopy equipment across the United States, with an initial focus on 200 provider sites.

Under the terms of the agreement, Feedback Medical, Feedback’s plc’s wholly owned subsidiary, will receive a licence fee for each installation performed by Imaging Engineering and has no commitment beyond maintaining and providing the software under this licence. All intellectual property relating to the software remains with Feedback as part of the commercial agreement. A small number of initial installations have already been performed by Imaging Engineering and the first licence fees have now been received by Feedback Medical.

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