SITE Association sends SoS to CM Sindh

KARACHI: SITE Association of Industry has urged Chief Minister Sindh to ensure due payments to K-Electric Limited (KEL) to save Karachi industries from another power and water crisis.

In a letter to CM Sindh, President SITE Association Suleman Chawla noted Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) and Sindh government owed huge amount to K-Electric for the power bills.

“NEPRA has allowed K-Electric to disconnect power in case of non-payment but due to the strategic nature of KWSB as it is core body to ensure water supply to Karachi, the KE has not taken any drastic step but apprising you in writing about the matter and requested you to agree on a payment plan,” the letter noted.

Government of Sindh, in response to the Civil Appeal, had agreed to devise a payment plan for the reconciled amount which was also made part of Supreme Court’s order. However, with multiple written reminders by KE, payment plan is still awaited and reconciliation exercise has also stopped.

“Non-payment of these dues impedes KE’s cash flow and industries suffer because of KE’s reduced capacity due to their constraint to purchase the fuel required to run its power plants”.

SITE Association has requested CM Sindh to intervene to settle this matter with utmost urgency and direct the relevant ministries to make payments of outstanding bills immediately and ensure regular payments of monthly bills.

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