Pakistan Custom plans long, short term measures for safe trade Stringent measures will be in place on ATT through Wagah Border

KARACHI: The Afghan Transit Trade (ATT) through Wagah border will be made safe and secure with the installation of latest scanning gadgets by July 2020, said Dr Sarfraz Ahmed Warraich, Director General Afghan Transit Trade here on Thursday.

He was addressing a press conference at the Committee Room of Customs House Karachi this evening regarding transport of Afghan export to India through Wagah border. Fool proof procedures will be adopted soon besides  installation of high tech scanners at Wagah. Besides at all stations including port or other custom stations smart scanners will be installed. We have devised a complete plan to implement this decision and have set time line for short and long term measures, Dr Warraich added.

These measures are essential in view of developing geostrategic situation and emerging concerns for making Afghan Transit Trade safer for our country, he said.

Counting the achievements by his directorate he referred to 65 consignments of white sugar bound for Afghanistan but is in detention by the Directorate of ATT. He traced the case history and long litigation upto High Court and said department has appealed the decision by the Customs Appellate bench of SHC before Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The SHC bench allowed the petition by the Afghan importer and ordered Pakistan Customs to ensure safe transport of consignments to Afghan border. The court decided on the issue of jurisdiction particularly that whether transit goods passing through Pakistan under Afghanistan-Pakistan Transit Trade Agreement (APTTA) could be detained by Pakistan Customs.

We are under obligation of international conventions to examine that whether goods tran-shiped are fit for human consumption, said Dr Warriach and to get the issue of jurisdiction decided, we with the permission of FBR filed an appeal and now the issue will be settled once for all by the apex court, he said.

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