IQ-AI Limited’s subsidiary Imaging Biometrics partners with AI Metrics

LONDON: IQ-AI Limited’s subsidiary Imaging Biometrics LLC has entered into a global distribution agreement with Birmingham based AI Metrics, LLC.

The agreement grants IB non-exclusive global rights to market and distribute AI Metrics’ LSN image analysis product. LSN is a first-to-market platform designed by AI Metrics as a virtual liver biopsy, evaluating liver surface nodularity (LSN) to assess Chronic Liver Disease (CLD) using commonly acquired CT images.

Leading up to this agreement, IB assisted AI Metrics in the development of the LSN software by working closely with AI Metrics’ CEO, Dr. Andrew Smith, MD, who provided valuable feedback and enhancement suggestions to IB’s development team. IB also offered its regulatory expertise and is assisting AI Metrics in obtaining CE Mark and FDA 510(k) market clearance in Europe and the U.S., respectively.

“We are excited about partnering with Imaging Biometrics as we introduce LSN technology to the worldwide market,” said Dr. Andrew Smith, CEO of AI Metrics. “Their development efforts have been integral to bringing LSN from promising research to commercial introduction, and the continuity of our relationship moving forward will ensure that LSN can quickly gain rapid and widespread utilization.”

Chronic liver disease (CLD) is a serious condition that includes inflammation, progressive stages of fibrosis, and cirrhosis. Clinically silent, over 20 million deaths worldwide are attributed to CLD with the majority of those resulting from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. AI Metrics has developed its proprietary LSN Software to non-invasively assess the nodules, or bumps, on the liver’s surface. This information, when used by trained clinicians, may aid in the diagnosis and staging of CLD.

Currently, clinicians assess patient liver condition via surgical biopsy, which is prone to sampling error, pain, bleeding, and other complications. In contrast, LSN analysis uses common CT scanning technology and proprietary software for accurate, low risk assessment of CLD. While other non-invasive imaging approaches are available, such as magnetic resonance elastography and ultrasound elastography, both require non-standard imaging technology, and patient fasting beforehand.

“LSN fits perfectly with IB’s product portfolio and we look forward to helping deploy LSN worldwide,” said Michael Schmainda, Director of IB. “The ability to non-invasively and accurately assess CLD is exciting for clinicians and will ultimately benefit patients,” Schmainda added.

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