JPO Digital partners with LifeWave to lead social media strategy

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LifeWave has partnered with digital and social media strategy firm JPO Digital to increase its presence in the online space. The focus over the coming months will be the LifeWave social media approach, as well as several other key digital initiatives.

While LifeWave has a strong community online, until now, the incredible story of the products and their impact have largely been shared with the internal team, the distributors, and their respective communities. The goal of taking on JPO Digital as a partner is to broaden that reach, tap into new and untouched demographics, and create a best-in-class social media approach that is on par with the other marketing efforts.

JPO Digital was founded by John Oates. In 2009, John was among the first ten employees hired by Gary Vaynerchuk at VaynerMedia, one of the largest and most respected digital shops in the world, with over 800 employees and offices in London, Singapore, Los Angeles, and New York. In 2012, he became the Director of Social Media for The Dr. Oz Show and Sharecare.

During his tenure, he and his team created a highly engaged, award-winning community of millions to leverage and drive brands’ various goals. In his current role, John leads a boutique team of seasoned specialists to create a bespoke strategy for clients in the direct sales and health and wellness industries, among others.

“I am beyond excited to work with LifeWave on this project,” John said. “A quality social media presence is all about telling a genuine story, one that resonates with people. LifeWave and David Schmidt have given us no shortage of inspiring, engaging fodder to work with. I have no doubt that this company will continue its meteoric rise and my team and I are honored to be a part of that on the digital side.”

“John Oates and JPO Digital come highly recommended and bring to LifeWave an added dimension for our brand positioning and strategy on all social platforms that will boost LifeWave’s story in a much-needed way,” said Jim Caldwell, VP of Marketing for LifeWave. “Our robust, accelerating growth speaks to the incredible power of the science behind this amazing LifeWave technology and the stories by the thousands being told every day across the world need to be shared. JPO will help us do that.”

Over the next several months, JPO Digital will be working on refining LifeWave’s social media content, and ensuring that major marketing initiatives and product news is communicated to the largest audience possible. “One of the best things about social media, and why I love it as a means of communication, is the direct line of communication between a brand and its consumers,” John added. “And we want to make sure that that conversation is happening with as many engaged people as possible. That will be our focus in the coming months.”

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