MCC Appraisement East deposits Rs5.89 million back into M/s Fatima Sugar mills’ PDA

KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has advised National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) to transfer and amount of Rs5.893 million into PDA of M/s Fatima Sugar Mills Fatima Sugar Mills from the amount lying with the bank in shape of green challan payments.

In recent past a pay order of Rs5.89 million deposited by importer M/s Fatima Sugar Mills was enchased manually by MCC Appraisement East. The importer had been pressing the Customs for online encashment enabling them to claim input adjustment regarding sales tax and income tax.

Clearing agent Sharjeel Jamal lodged a complaint in this regard Prime Minister Portal, however no action was taken, and then Sharjeel Jamal lodged a complaint against the Prime Minister Portal mentioning that the portal had turned ineffective. Subsequently, the original complaint was reopened on December 24, 2019 in compliance of decision made during the meeting of High Powered Committee held earlier this month.

MCC Appraisement East was advised to solve the issue, and now the amount has been transferred back into Fatima Sugar Mills’ PDA.

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