Vigilance Committee for FBR’s land finalizes operation to vacate occupied properties

KARACHI: The meeting of Vigilance Committee for FBR’s Lands in Sindh has decided to launch an operation to rapidly remove encroachments on Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) land and secure government assets.

The meeting held at Custom House Karachi was attended by high-ranking Customs officers along with the Committee members.

The meeting was attended by: Mr. Jameel Yousuf, Chairman; Mr. Wasif Ali Memon, Secretary Vigilance Committee and Chief Collector Customs; Mr. Anwer Iqbal, Member; Mr. Navaid Malik, Member; Mr. Samar Ali Khan, Member; Mr. Hasan Ali Chandio, Member; Mr. Saqib Saeed, Collector Preventive; Mr. Amir Thahim, Additional Collector; Umar Shafi, Addition Collector; and Mr. Umair Zahid, Assistant Collector.

Vigilance Committee is formed to take decisive actions to safeguard FBR’s properties against the land grabbers who have plagued government properties. The committee has set its foot down and taken all identified properties under illegal occupation.

The Committee has also agreed on removing current illegal occupants with the help of law enforcement agencies, erecting pillars to mark territories and to build boundary walls to safeguard FBR’s assets.

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