ASO of MCC Preventive Karachi seizes smuggled goods worth Rs34mn

KARACHI: Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) of MCC Preventive has geared up anti-smuggling activities and seized smuggled goods including luxury vehicles worth Rs34 million in December 2019 so far.

On the directives of Collector Preventive Saquib Saeed, Deputy Collector Akbar Jan along with his team comprising Superintendent Jamal Zia, IPS Iftikhar Hasan and others has reinforced the anti-smuggling drive.

The seized goods include a Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle, Honda Civic Hybrid vehicle, eight falcons, a Toyota Surf vehicle, a Nissan Patrol Safari vehicle and 22.9 tons of betel nut.

Smuggling destabilizes relations with allies. It is a source of frustration in areas ranging from industrial protection to population growth. It dulls the effectiveness of foreign policy instruments such as trade and immigration acts. And it can affect the internal structure of a society by creating new actors, power bases, and patterns of consumption.

Smuggling may be the extreme instance of loss of state control. A part of the frenzy in less developed countries to regulate the activities of multinational enterprises stems from the concern that not all of their activities are legal.

Multinational enterprises, however, can be restrained, regulated, and taken over by the state. It is far more difficult to bully smugglers, who usually operate on their own. Smuggling is a more complex problem than illegal trade, because it often requires the establishment of alternative marketing systems in the target country.

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