Osirium releases Privileged Endpoint Manager solution

LONDON: Osirium Technologies, a leading vendor of Privileged Access Security solutions, has confirmed that its Privileged Endpoint Manager (PEM) solution is now available.

This follows the launch of the Group’s Privileged Process Automation (PPA) solution in May and brings the total security and automation portfolio to three complementary offerings, expanding the addressable market and providing enhanced cross-selling opportunities.

The new release allows customers to control end-user access to applications that need privileged user rights​ without requiring a substantial infrastructure or relying on IT helpdesks.

Allowing Windows users to carry out tasks such as running applications as an administrator has traditionally represented a significant security risk, as the administrator role allows for exposure to malware or damage caused by human error.

However, in many cases there is a legitimate need for users to run selected applications as administrators in order to get their work done. The Osirium PEM product addresses these conflicting business needs thus delivering enhanced security without compromising productivity.

Osirium CEO David Guyatt commented, “The release of PEM is a further indication of our leadership and innovation in privilege security and automation. Our Privileged Access Management platform protects customers’ most critical and frequently targeted assets. Our Privileged Process Automation framework allows them to delegate IT processes, free up key skills and save money. As of today, our Privileged Endpoint Management delivers additional value by addressing this key end user challenge.”

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