Norman Broadbent partners with UN Women UK

LONDON: The Norman Broadbent Group has entered into a partnership with UN Women UK, the UK arm of the UN agency for gender equality, to support the vision of a more equal, inclusive world both in the workplace, and in communities across the globe.

Norman Broadbent is the first leadership advisory firm in the world to partner with UN Women UK.

The partnership will leverage the firm’s Inclusion and Diversity solutions which are designed to help businesses create inclusive working environments and identify, attract and retain the best and most diverse leadership to support equality and commercial goals.

Norman Broadbent’s Group CEO, Mike Brennan, said: “Inclusion and Diversity is part of our DNA underpinning much of our Client work. We are delighted to have been invited to partner with UN Women UK to help further the equality agenda and drive greater inclusivity within business. It is widely recognised that organisations with a more inclusive and diverse working environment are not only doing the right thing, but are more successful. We hope our partnership will help accelerate and broaden workforce inclusivity and diversity at all levels. This partnership is not only an important opportunity for UN Women UK and Norman Broadbent, but also for the markets we serve. This is a huge honour for us and we look forward to working with our new partners at UN Women UK.”

Trustee of UN Women UK, Carol Rosati OBE, said: “We still live in a world in which only 6% of the Fortune 500 CEOs are women. Not only does this mean that women’s voices are not properly represented in companies around the world, it also means that young girls have fewer role models inspiring them to be future leaders. This needs to change. UN Women UK are committed to working with governments, businesses and all women to create more diverse, inclusive workplaces – and we look forward to working with The Norman Broadbent Group to work towards this important goal.”

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