Ministry of Interior proposes to revise FIA pay package at par with NAB

KARACHI: Ministry of Interior has forwarded a summary to Prime Minister Imran Khan seeking authorization of pay package to Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on the pattern of National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

Prime Minister had directed that a summary for revision of pay package and allowances of FIA be moved to bring it at par with the enhanced pay and allowances package of NAB, approved in 2019.

FIA is the prime investigation agency of the Federal Government which conducts investigations in the field of economic crime, money laundering, cybercrime, combating terrorism, human and drug trafficking, terror financing and organized crimes.

The pay and allowances of officers of FIA are not commensurate with the job of investigation of crimes involving millions of rupees. The pay package of FIA is low as compared to other investigation departments like NAB, due to which FIA is unable to attract honest and competent officers.

In March 2019, Government of Pakistan approved a better pay package for NAB. There is huge disparity in the pay package of NAB and FIA, and it is essential to revise the current pay package of FIA and to bring it at par with NAB to boost the morale of FIA employees and to attract upright and competent officers in FIA.

Ministry of Interior has also requested to allocate a sum of Rs781 million, the financial impact calculated for the proposed revision in the pay package.

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