Jayex partners Microtech Group to deliver complete Telehealth Solutions

MELBOURNE: Jayex Healthcare Limited announced that, in a new partnership, Jayex and Microtech Group have combined forces to deliver complete Telehealth solutions to practices across England, Wales, Australia and New Zealand.

Jayex is leading e-health provider of integrated healthcare services delivery platforms in the UK, Australia and New Zealand

The intuitive SurgeryPod, CareHomePod and HomePod software integrates with Patient Management Systems to allow vital data to be collected and sent from a remote patient to a clinician. The objective is to deliver clinical interventions that ensure the reduction of GP practice visits, GP Home visits, hospital admissions and subsequent admissions.

By offering a number of health protocols to patients, this state-of -the-art software collects demographic information as well as information on smoking, alcohol, contraception, asthma and other important health topics and the responses are read-coded into the Clinical System, also assisting strongly with QOF.

The SurgeryPod solutions are currently being sold in the UK and are expected to be rolled out in the Australian and New Zealand market in Q1 of 2020.

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