PM’s Citizen Portal turns ineffective

KARACHI: The Prime Minister’s complaint portal i.e. the Citizen Portal has turned into just another complaint center, where the complaints just pile up with no action whatsoever.

A number of complaints were lodged on the portal, but no action was taken despite lapse of significant amount of time. Even the complaints against the portal itself went unheard.

An official said Citizen Portal was a very good step and the complaints were heard and addressed efficiently in the beginning, but now it has fallen in the hands of bureaucracy.

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  1. Mohammed Saeed Qureshi

    We 28 peoples come from Bahrain we have pcr test negative report but on peshawar air port they cleared us as positive within 10 minutes no we are here in qarinteena center in peshawar they promise us for new test still we have been three days still no Corona test please contect us and listen our request

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