KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has constituted a committee to secure and get vacated FBR’s property in Sindh.

The members of the FBR’s Committee include Anwar Iqbal, Naveed Malik, Hassan Ali, MPA Samar Khan. Jamil Yusuf will be the chairman of the committee while Chief Collector Enforcement Wasif Ali Memon will be the member/secretary of the committee.

The Committee will ascertain inventory of land/property belonging to FBR in Mauripur, Karachi; secure and, where need be, take possession of the disputed land; monitor process of the re-possession and as well as litigation involved in the disputed lands; and report on utilization of land as well as proper disposal.

The committee can co-opt any member from public and FBR for assistance. It will report the progress directly to Chairman FBR.