KARACHI: A specially constituted bench consisting of Justice Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi and Justice Abdul Malik Gaddi on Monday heard hundreds of identical petitions by different agencies, private companies etc challenging imposition of “Super Tax”.

A battery of lawyers appeared for the petitioners and their main length of arguments was that the impugned tax was imposed in a colorable exercise of powers.

The respondents (FBR) cannot defeat the constitutional mandate and were bound to take all steps as envisaged under the Finance Act.

The language used in the order of levy binds the tax collector that it could be used only for the purpose as  stated in the order of levy and cannot be used for any other purposed. If this is violated then on the pointation of the auditor, violators can face imprisonment, the bench observed.

The bench later after hearing more arguments from both sides deferred further proceedings to the first week of December.