KARACHI: Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) of MCC Preventive Karachi during reinforced anti-smuggling drive seized huge quantity of smuggled goods worth Rs98.55 million.

On the instructions of Collector Preventive Saqib Saeed, Deputy Collector Akbar Jaan, Superintendent Jamal Zia and IPS  Iftikhar Hasan are keeping strict vigilance on the movement of smuggled goods. It may be noted here that MCC Preventive has been quite efficient against smuggling and made several big cases in a short span of time.

ASO/MCC Preventive Karachi’s Marine Section seized two launches with smuggled Iranian Diesel near Pishukan, Gawadar. The value of seized 22,000 liters diesel is Rs2.1 million while the value of launches is Rs30 million.

Moreover, ASO/MCC Preventive Karachi seized a passenger bus at Moachko Choke Point and recovered betel nuts , tyres, clothes, blankets, air conditioners worth Rs1.94 million. The value of bus is Rs15 million.

In another operation, ASO seized a Yutong Master passenger busat Moachko Choke Point and recovered betel nuts, tyres, bicycles, wafers & chocolates, polythene bags worth Rs1.01 million. The value of the vehicle is Rs15 million.

The ASO of MCC Preventive also seized 2 trailers  carrying 40’ Containers loaded with 66 truck (33 in each container) worth Rs1.513 million. The value of vehicles and containers is Rs32 million.

All these operations were conducted on information received through Collector Saquib Saeed and Deputy Collector Akbar Jan. Further legal proceedings are underway.