Transit cargo replacement: Director of M/s E-Movers arrested

KARACHI: I&P MCC Preventive Karachi has arrested one Director of M/s E-Movers namely Tanveer in relation to the replacement of Afghan transit trade cargo during transit.

In pursuance of information passed by MCC Preventive Karachi, Directorate General of Transit Trade has unearthed a mega scam whereby high value and high tariff goods enroute to Afghanistan were being replaced with low value goods during transit.

The consignment was loaded at Karachi Port (KICT) and was exited after affixing PCCSS seal along with Customs seal, which was entrusted to M/s E-Movers (Pvt) Ltd, Karachi for safe delivery at the destination for Afghanistan. It may be mentioned here that M/s E-Movers is nominated in a number of FIRs pertaining to smuggling and pilferage of transit cargo, and yet M/s E-Movers’ license was not cancelled.

It is established that the clearing agent, Afghan importer after clearance from Karachi Port (KICT) in connivance with the Bonded Carrier M/s E-Movers have mis-appropriated the original consignment of Polyester gents suiting fabric, in bales of assorted color and design and replaced the same with recovered goods i.e old & used clothing enroute.

It is pertinent to mention here that the system showed the consignment had crossed the border, but it never crossed the border and was replaced in Quetta.

The vehicle has been brought to Karachi and the driver of the vehicle Bismillah Khan was also arrested. Preventive Officer Asfandyar had been tasked to bring the driver and  vehicle to Karachi.

Bismillah has shared details of the places where the replaced goods were dumped.

Investigation found that the arrested accused Tanveer is only a front man while the company is operated by someone else.

It may be mentioned here that SRO 121 prohibits examination of Transit Trade consignments at border exits, which enables pilfering and replacement of transit cargo.

Although, there are transit insurance guarantees, but these can only be claimed if Afghan importer complaints non delivery of goods.

It is established fact that Afghan importers and government are involved in this dirty business, therefore they never complain about the non delivery of goods.

An official said there should be a quota fixing a ceiling on goods imported by Afghan importers, moreover examination of Transit Trade cargo must be made compulsory on exit borders to ensure whether the goods were the same as declared at the port of landing.

Unless the smuggling through Afghan Transit Trade is curtailed, the revenue leakage will not be plugged.

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