Directorate General of Transit Trade unearths replacement of transit goods by M/s E-Movers

KARACHI: Directorate General of Transit Trade has unearthed a mega scam whereby high value and high tariff goods enroute to Afghanistan were being replaced with low value goods during transit.

Collector MCC Preventive Karachi Saquib Saeed and Deputy Collector ASO Akbar Jan had the information that an attempt will be made to pilfer the transit cargo enroute by the way of replacing the fabric imported in transit with some inferior quality cloth, which was duly passed to Director General Transit Trade Sarfaraz Warraich.

The Directorates of Quetta and Peshawar were advised by the Director General Sarfaraz Warraich to tighten vigilance at Customs Station Chaman and Torkham to countering the pilferage attempt.

In the backdrop of the said directions, the staff of transit trade, Chaman exercised strict vigilance in examination of the textile fabric cloth brought under the transit trade agreement and Customs Rules 2001.

During three days the Transit trade Chaman office examined almost 30 containers of the transit goods containing fabrics at the Pakistan Railway Yard, Chaman. During this combing exercise of examination of each and every container of fabric, the staff of the Directorate detected a container loaded with bales which were different in packing as compare to the packing in which fabrics are usually packed.

The whole container was emptied and examined, and it was found that there were 332 Bales of old and used clothing instead of 477 Bales of “Polyester gents suiting fabric, in bales of assorted colour and design” as declared in G.D.

The consignment was loaded at Karachi Port (KICT) and was exited after affixing PCCSS seal along with Customs seal, which was entrusted to M/s E-Movers (Pvt) Ltd, Karachi for safe delivery at the destination for Afghanistan. It may be mentioned here that M/s E-Movers is nominated in a number of FIRs pertaining to smuggling and pilferage of transit cargo, and yet M/s E-Movers’ license was not cancelled.

It is established that the clearing agent, Afghan importer after clearance from Karachi Port (KICT) in connivance with the Bonded Carrier M/s E-Movers have mis-appropriated the original consignment of Polyester gents suiting fabric, in bales of assorted color and design and replaced the same with recovered goods i.e old & used clothing enroute.

It is pertinent to mention here that the system showed the consignment had crossed the border, but it never crossed the border and was replaced in Quetta.

The goods have been seized and investigations are underway.

The information was shared with office of the Director General Transit Trade. The details of the Goods Declaration, images and other vital information regarding the container were provided by the Director General office for the further facilitating in making the case. Upon Director-General’s Transit Trade, Karachi instructions, in the back drop of the seizure made few days back by MCC Preventive Karachi in which goods were found to be meant for transit to Afghanistan.. Prima facie, the goods seized by the Preventive Collectorate are the same which have been pilfered enroute from the container which is under custody of Transit Trade Quetta.

The matter was discussed by Director General transit trade with the Collector of Preventive Karachi who is also the Project Director of Tracking and Monitoring of Cargo enroute and it was decided that It is in the fitness of the things that further investigation in this case should be carried out by the Collector Preventive, Karachi

 In view of above directions, this case property i.e. the above seized container of replaced goods along with vehicle and driver is being handed over to the Collector Preventive for further investigation in the light of the seizure made by the MCC Preventive Karachi.

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