Value Addition Tax withdrawn on import of consumer goods

KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue has notified withdrawal of 3.0% value addition tax on a long range of consumer goods mentioned in the Third Schedule of Sales Tax Act, 1990.

Sales tax is deducted on retail price on the import of the goods specified in the Third Schedule.

The FBR on Friday issued SRO 1321(I)/2019 and amended the Twelfth Schedule of Sales Tax Act, 1990 under which three percent minimum value addition sales tax has been imposed on all imported goods subject to exclusions.

As per the amendment the FBR withdrew the imposition of minimum value addition tax on import of goods specified in the Third Schedule of the Sales Tax Act, 1990.

The goods on which tax withdrawal is notified include:

Fruit juices and vegetable juices.

Ice Cream.

Aerated waters or beverages.

Syrups and squashes.


Toilet soap




Shaving cream

Perfumery and cosmetics.


Powder drinks

Milky drinks

Toilet paper and tissue paper

Spices sold in retail packing bearing brand names and trade marks

Shoe polish and shoe cream


Cement sold in retail packing

Mineral/bottled water

Household electrical goods, including air conditioners, refrigerators, deep freezers, televisions, recorders and players, electric bulbs, tube-lights, electric fans, electric irons, washing machines and telephone sets.

Household gas appliances, including cooking range, ovens, geysers and gas heaters.

Foam or spring mattresses and other foam products for household use.

Paints, distempers, enamels, pigments, colours, varnishes, gums, resins, dyes, glazes, thinners, blacks, cellulose lacquers and polishes sold in retail packing

Lubricating oils, brake fluids, transmission fluid, and other vehicular fluids sold in retail packing.

Storage batteries excluding those sold to

Automotive manufacturers or assemblers

Tyres and tubes excluding those sold to automotive manufacturers or assemblers


Auto rickshaws

Biscuits in retail packing with brand name


Auto-parts, in retail packing, excluding those sold to automotive manufacturers or assemblers.

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