ASU Preventive seizes smuggled goods worth Rs38.18 million

KARACHI: The Anti Smuggling Unit (ASU) of Customs Preventive Peshawar seized a truck full of smuggled auto parts and other goods worth Rs38.18 million.

In pursuance of information received from Additional Collector (Preventive) South, a team was constituted by the Assistant Collector South-II D. I. Khan , headed by Superintendent ASU D I Khan and Inspectors ASU D I Khan .

The staff of ASU D I Khan seized foreign origin goods being transported in the garb of remeltable scrap.

Seized goods include:
1. Small chain girari 5000 pieces, 450 kgs
2. Welding electrodes 1720 boxes, 4300 kgs.
3. Cylinder Box 180 pieces, 600 kgs.
4. Betel Nuts 2240 kgs
5. Heavy Bike Yamaha 250cc model 2008 (Made in Indonesia)
6. Heavy Bike Honda 400cc Model 1999 (Made in Japan)
7. Brand new Long March tyres for heavy vehicles size 1100R20, 10 numbers.
8. Tiping Paper Rolls for Cigarettes 440 Boobin, 2376 kgs
9. Carborator for Bikes 120 pieces, 51 kgs
10. Heavy Industries Machinery used Parts 18,335 kgs
11. New tyres various sizes 425 numbers
12. Used tyres various sizes 575 numbers.
13. Remeltable scrap used as covering material 1000 kgs.
14. Hino Truck U/S 157
Total value of goods is Rs32.18 million and grand total of the seizure is Rs38.18 million.

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