A ship Olympus carrying 48,680 tons pet coke arriving at KPT

KARACHI: A ship Olympus carrying 48,680 tons of Pet Coke is arriving on Karachi Port Trust on Friday, suggests the KPT website.

“This is a clear violation of Supreme Court’s ruling against handling of coal and hazardous material at KPT,” an industry official said.

Pet Coke is a solid fuel having specs identical to thermal coal being used in cement factories in varying percentages of 15 to 30 percent ratio.

It is equally hazardous to human being and environment, just like coal. In 2018, the SC banned coal handling at KPT in order to control marine pollution and protect the people living around the port.

The SC took Sou Motu notice on handling of coal at KPT and ordered to ban the offloading of coal at KPT and its open storage in the city.

The SC expressed its discomfort that the investors didn’t care about the health and lives of common people because coal dust is causing diseases.

Coal dust can cause a range of health problems, including respiratory illness, cardiovascular diseases and lung cancer.

“KPT with this current shipment of Pet Coke has not only violated the orders of the SC but also endangered the lives of the citizens since it’s a kind of coal and hazardous as well. This heavy shipment of Pet Coke will pose a big challenge to people and environment of the city of Karachi”.



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