FIR lodged against M/s Noor Enterprises, Clearing Agent

KARACHI: MCC Port Qasim has lodged an FIR against M/s Noor Enterprises, Clearing Agent and Customs staff for evasion of government revenue and getting delivery of imported goods by submitting forged Goods Declaration.

According to details of the case, M/s Noor Enterprises filed Constitutional Petition challenging imposition of Regulatory Duty in terms of SRO 1265(I)/2018. The High Court directed that the importer shall deposit 50% of disputed amount of RD before the concerned Collectorate and to furnish Bank Guarantee/Pay Order in respect of the remaining 50% of disputed amount before the Nazir of the Court.

Since the module for catering such situation was not available in WeBOC System, therefore, the importer was allowed to file 28 GDs in One-Customs.

Collector MCC Port Qasim Mumtaz Khoso advised Additional Collector Mushtaq Shahani to conduct scrutiny of the record of One Customs.

The initial scrutiny of the record conducted by Deputy Collector Umar Lateef, Appraising Officers Noor Elahi and Ashfaq-ur-Rehman transpired that these under reference Goods Declarations were filed by M/s Noor Enterprises, Lahore, through their authorized Clearing Agent.

The goods were physically examined and container-wise inventories were prepared in respect of the said consignments. The Appraising/Examining Officer endorsed/written their examination reports on the reverse of these Goods Declarations in line with inventories prepared at the time of physical examination.

Thereafter, the GDs were assessed provisionally in pursuance of the High Court. From the initial scrutiny of Goods Declarations, examination reports, inventories prepared at the time of the examinations, comparison with the assessment sheets, it came to the surface that the Clearing Agent and Importer subsequent to the endorsement of examination reports by the examining officers and assessment of the GDs by Appraising Officers, tampered the examination and assessment reports endorsed on Goods Declarations by fraudulently and illegally inserting “decimal” in the figures of quantities of the higher value/tariff miscellaneous goods so as to understate their quantities, cutting the writings and over-writing the assessed values of the goods so as to show lower assessed values.

The tampered examination and assessment reports were fed into the One-Customs System through the unique IDs of examining and appraising offices and concerned staff. Therefore, the Clearing Agent/Import took the delivery of the consignments on lesser amount of duties and taxes than the actual leviable duties and taxes, thereby evading duties and taxes to the tune of Rs35.384 million and causing loss to the national exchequers.

An FIR is lodged and investigations are underway. Meanwhile, Collector Mumtaz Khoso has advised the staff to keep strict vigilance on the assessment, examination and clearance of imported goods to avoid any revenue loss, while Additional Collector Mushtaq Shahani is advised to make cases against wrongdoers without any leniency.

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