Show Cause served on transporter for moving smuggled goods to M/s Burki Tyres’ warehouse

ISLAMABAD: Customs Adjudication Islamabad has served Show Cause Notice on a transport company as smuggled Tyres and tubes were recovered from one of their vehicles, however the actual owners of the smuggled goods namely M/s Burki Tyres were not touched.

According to the details as reported by the Assistant Collector Customs (Preventive) MCC Islamabad information was received by the Collector Customs, MCC Islamabad that an attempt would be made to smuggle foreign origin tyres with tubes, Customs staff, held a pst at Balkasar Interchange. Subsequently the suspected truck was stopped and Tech king brand Tyres with Tubes (Chinese Origin) were recovered.

The driver of the vehicle informed the goods were to be delivered at the warehouse of M/s Burki Tyres in Rawalpindi, where more such goods were present. However, the authorities didn’t visit the said warehouse and seized the goods.

The offending vehicle i.e Bed Ford Open Truck used as conveyance for smuggling of Tyres (Chinese Origin) was also seized.

A Show Cause Notice is served on driver Majid Ali, Zabit Shah (Registered Owner of vehicle) and Tanveer Bhatti Cargo Services Goods Transport Co. There is no mention of the actual owner of the smuggled property, which in this case is M/s Burki Tyres.

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