MCC Port Qasim reshuffle Appraising Officers |

MCC Port Qasim reshuffle Appraising Officers

KARACHI: MCC Port Qasim has reassigned work among Appraising Officers within the collectorate with immediate effect.

Zeeshan Danish is moved from Group-I to QICT Examination. Irshad Ali Shah is moved from Group-II to QICT Examination.

Nawab Tauqir Ahmed and Sabir Ali Khan are moved from QICT Examination to ODT Examination & Auction.

Khaleeq-ur-Rehman is moved from Examination of ODTs/MTO to One Customs Examination. Noor Ilahi is moved from CIU to One Customs Assessment & Group-VII.

Noor Muhammad Kalwar is moved from CIU to Assessment Bulk. Waqar Khan and Muhammad Atf Fawad are assigned to CIU on joining.

Waheed Ashraf is assigned Group-II; Wasiullah Shaikh is assigned Group-I and Zia-ur Rehman is assigned Group-V on joining.

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