Performance of IPR Enforcement appreciated at international forum

KARACHI: The European Anti Fraud Office (OLAF) and Asia Europe Meeting Association (ASEM) planed Joint Customs Operation (JCO) “HYGIEA’, for the prevention against International Movement of Counterfeit Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) including counterfeit personal care, hygiene and household products, cosmetics, toiletries, food and health related goods.

The ASEM is an inter-governmental platform of 51 member states of Europe & Asia, created for the purpose of cooperation on areas of mutual interest including Customs with the objective of strengthening relationship between Asian and European countries.

Pakistan joined Operation HYGIEA in March-2019 and FBR nominated the Directorate General of Customs IPR (Enforcement) Arsalan Subuctageen as national contact point.

The operational period of JCO HYGIEA spans from 17 April-2019 to 1st September-2019 and on conclusion a debriefing meeting was scheduled on 26-27 September, 2019 at Rome, Italy with a view to evaluate the performance of 38 participating countries out of 51 member states.

A presentation on Pakistan Customs IPR (Enforcement)’s performance on operation HYGIA was made before the forum by the Director General IPR (Enforcement) Dr. ArsIan Subuctageen.

A final report on the JCO HYGIEA was formulated by OLAF, wherein performance of Pakistan was at the top with 12 seizures/forfeitures followed by Malta with 6 while Italy, France and Bangladesh were at the 3rd position with 2 seizures each.

This outstanding performance of Pakistan Customs IPR (Enforcement) was acknowledged and highly appreciated by the European Anti Fraud Office, EUROPOL, ASEM and all participating member states bringing good name for the country, FBR and Pakistan Customs.

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