MCC Appraisement West lodged FIR in clearance of high value, banned goods in the garb of used clothing

KARACHI: MCC Appraisement West has lodged an FIR against several accused for mis-declaration of description, weight, quantity and value of imported goods with an intention to defraud government of its legitimate revenue.

Information was passed through Collector Wajid Ali to Additional Collector Aamir Theim that M/s M.M Trading Company would make an attempt to clear high tariff and banned goods under the garb of used clothing and worn articles.

Accordingly, Assistant Collector Rizwan along with Principal Appraiser Shafiullah and Appraising Officer Ghani Soomro retrieved a container which was transshipped from Port Qasim to Al-Hamd Container Terminal (AICT) and booked in the name of M/s M.M Trading Company.

Since no one filed the GD for the said container despite lapse of more than two months, the container was examined, which authenticated the gross mis-declaration of contents as the goods comprising 51 refrigerators, 15 automatic washing machines and furniture valuing Rs6.41 million were recovered against the declared used clothing and worn articles in IGM and Bill of Lading.

The team comprising Additional Collector Aamir Theim, Assistant Collector Rizwan, Principal Appraiser Shafiullah and Appraising Officer Ghani Soomro has been quite efficient against mis-declaration and revenue evasion and their untiring efforts resulted in detection of several big scams.

Preliminary inquiry and information gathered from the PRAL system and along with analysis of importer’s profile, it is observed that previously Goods Declarations were being filed by Customs Agent M/s Ali & Co for clearance of their goods mainly used clothing.

Recently, MCC Preventive Karachi detected the case of smuggling of high value and high tariff dutiable goods in the garb of used textile clothing by same culprits and consequently an FIR was lodged against M/s M.M. Trading wherein it was found that accused persons were running the planned racket of smuggling in league with each other.

Mehmood Iqbal of M/s M.M Trading Company, Qaiser Abbas of M/s Ali & Co, Muhammad Idrees s/o Yousaf, Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Ahsan s/o Muhammad Idrees are instrumental in the fraudulent clearance and getting the mis-declared goods cleared under the guise of used clothing and facilitating the delivery of the goods to the actual financier namely Imran Khan and Aslam Aini against set financial lockage for clearance of goods from customs and delivery thereof.

MCC Appraisement East also detected the similar fraud and found high tariff and banned goods instead of declared used clothing imported by M/s M.M Trading Company. The above mentioned accused were nominated for abetting, perpetrating the planned smuggling of high tariff and banned goods under guise of used clothing while abusing green channel facility available to the said importer.

Since the mastermind and collaborator namely Imran Khan and Aslam Aini were arrested and criminal proceedings were initiated, therefore, sensing the gravity of alertness of the Customs they restrained to file any Goods Declaration but circumstances and criminal evidence on record clearly establish their active connivance and repeated attempts to smuggle high tariff electronic goods and banned goods under the guise of used clothing.

The evidence also indicates that seized goods were actually loaded from Jebel Ali UAE and the container purportedly was lying for several days at Jebel Ali. Shipping Agency namely M/s United Marine Agencies was also instrumental in commission of the fraud.

An FIR is lodged and investigations are underway. It may be mentioned here that NAB and other sensitive agencies are also initiated investigations into this economic terrorism which deprived the exchequer of its legitimate revenue.

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