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ABAD, Sindh govt join hands against illegal construction

KARACHI: Association of Builders and Developers of Pakistan (ABAD) and Sindh Government have decided to join hands against illegal construction in Karachi and begin a movement for the cleanliness in the city.
This was decided in a meeting of Chairman ABAD Mohsin Sheikhani Sindh Secretary for Local Government in Sindh Secretariat. According to the understanding, Sindh government will notify a three-member committee comprising members from Local government department, ABAD and Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA). The Committee will meet on regular basis and prepare monthly progress report with recommendations and send to the provincial government for implementation.
The Committee will recommend fast track approval of construction plans to stop illegal construction being carried out by illegitimate contractors without any kind of approval from the SBCA. They also decided to make Karachi a clean and an exemplary Metropolitan, which will help fetching much needed foreign investment in various sector including construction sector as the construction industry is considered mother industry providing houses to people and creating a large number of job opportunity.
The Committee will also pinpoint those unscrupulous elements, who are responsible illegal construction. The ABAD will ensure that its members will not spread their construction materials on roads and allot a proper place o dump such materials.
Speaking on this occasion, Chairman ABAD Mohsin Sheikhani said that members of ABAD are contributing to the national economy by constructing 0.15 million housing units every year. He said that the country is facing shortage of 12 million housing units for which the organization has carved out Affordable Housing Scheme for those people who cannot afford high-end housing. The purpose of such scheme is also for the elimination of slums from Karachi and all over Pakistan, he added.
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